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 Why Do Babies Cry?

  Article brought to you by Margaret Saunders,
  Baby Sleep Advisory and Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions.

       Crying, just like a glance, laughter or a frown, is your baby's way of communicating with you.  Its just unfortunate that crying, for the unaware new parent, can send us into an anxious panic, desperately waiting fro that moment when all is peaceful and quiet again!

     Some babies do tend to cry a lot for the first year of their life, just like my second born did.  It's just their way of expressing themselves to let you know that they are uncomfortable or in need of something, whether it is food, a nappy change, attention or sleep.  Babies often need to cry simply as a release of tension from excess mental stimulation that our modern lifestyle puts on them.

     If you are positive that your baby is not crying due to a medical problem (if unsure, consult your family doctor), mentally go through a list to eliminate the reason behind the excessive crying and just accordingly.  Examples:

  • Is my baby ill or in pain?  Eliminate medical issues first.

  • Is my baby hungry?

  • Is my baby too hot or too cold?

  • When was the last time my baby had a diaper change?

  • Does my baby just need a hug?

  • Is my baby tired and need a sleep?  This is the main reason babies cry.

  • An overtired Baby will often cry inconsolably?  And often refuse to sleep for more than a few minutes.

     An overtired bby is sometimes a baby who is hard to settle.  A way to remedy this is to act upon your baby's tired signs as soon asyou notice them.

     Newborns tend to get twitchy and make jerky movements with their arms while older babies tend to rub their eyes or pull at their ears.

     You will soon learn to recognise "that look" the eyes are open but "no-ones home" in tired babies.

     Consoling baby usually takes the form of giving them a cuddle, distracting them with something different, a toy that have not seen for a while or perhaps putting baby in the car capsule and going for a drive.

     Beware not to continue stimulating an overti5red baby , as this will agr3evate the situation.  Overtired babies just need sleep.

     A final word;  you'll be delighted to know that most screaming babies do eventually become delightful little toddlers!



      With many thanks, and if I can help you in any way
    please let me know.


  Margaret Saunders



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