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          GOOD NEWS for all tired and weary mums and dads
          GOOD NEWS for anyone starting toilet training toddlers          
          In fact good news for ALL PARENTS ... 

Helpful And Interesting Sites ...

These Helpful Sites Have Been Chosen For You By Margaret Saunders And Are Thoroughly Recommended by Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions.

  Baby Sleep: 
       Baby sleep how to get your baby to sleep through the night....Now

       Sleeping Baby, Happy Baby.  How To Have A Happy Baby Who
       Sleeps Through The Night Consistently ... Guaranteed!


       Forget about the sleepless nights and your baby sleep problems.
       Forget about those tired nights and your baby not sleeping.
       Good news, baby sleep problems solved and you and your baby can get a
       good  nights sleep.

       Unfortunately most babies need to be shown how to settle for long periods
       of time.
       Luckily most babies can be trained to sleep well in as little as 24-48
And sometimes parents unwittingly encourage night waking in their babies.

       Our Ultimate Baby Sleep Solutions Package will give you a seven step,
       seven day
guide to baby sleeping training your baby.

       Get your baby sleeping through the night quickly and easily with the
       "Sleeping Baby, Happy Baby" book and you will also receive bonus
       book, "First Baby Foods"

       Stop your baby's night waking and enjoy a full nights sleep tonight!

     To find out more click here or on the image below ....




        "How To Overcome And Stop Bedwetting Quickly And Easily ... ...
         And Have Dry Nights!"


       If you have a child who suffers from bedwetting or you know a child who
       suffers from bedwetting then here is the solution.     

       The Ultimate Overcoming Bedwetting Package -
teaches your child
how to stop bedwetting.    Bedwetting can be embarrassing, stressful
       and time consuming for you and your child and your family.

       But here's the good news ... You can overcome your child's bedwetting in a
       gentle and kind way.

       To read for yourself how you can get your child having DRY NIGHTS and
       how to stop bedwetting
click here or on the goodbye to bedwetting banner




    Would you like to join our Parenting Club
         and receive over $100 worth of FREE gifts?


        We know there's more to parenting than meets the eye. 

        That's why we are excited to be able to introduce you to the Bedtime And
        Toilet Training Solutions Ultimate Parenting Club

        Join today and get ...       

  • Weekly supportive and inspirational emails.
  • Monthly articles on such topics as
    - Child proofing your home
    - Night terrors
    - When your toddler meets your new baby
    - Teaching your toddler or child to do chores.
  • Unlimited email or telephone consultations and advice.
  • 20% discounts on all Bedtime and Toilet Training Solutions purchases.
  • Being able to earn 40% commission referring our products.
  • $10 a month commission for every membership club registration
    referred by you.
  • PLUS receive $100 of FREE gifts just for joining.

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  Wee Target:  
        "How To Keep The Wee Where It Should Be!"


       Wee Target - brand new Aussie product!  The Wee Target helps boys to aim
       in the right direction and stay on Target.  Toilet training the fun way with these
       new wee targets. 

       The black spot disappears and a cool picture appears.  Wee Targets can last
       up to 3 months.  To clean the wee target just flush and the black spot

       As seen on the ABC New Inventors Show, "That's Life!" Magazine and the
       "Sunday Sun Herald".

       Invented by Aussie Mum Joanna Hames, mother of 3 boys who got sick of
       having to keep cleaning her bathroom floor.

       To find out for yourself all about the Wee Target and how to get your Wee
       Targets today
 click here or on the wee target banner below ....




   How To Get Those "Pesky Poos" Down The Loo, Every Time!

Is your child happily doing "wee's" (number 1's) in the toilet but you're 
        having  problems getting those pesky  "poos" (number 2's) into the toilet  
        every time?

        Here is the solution ... The Poo Land Package!

        Find out how to get your child's Pesky Poos down the loo EVERY TIME
        with a delightful and fun colouring-in  booklet, a FREE going to the toilet
        story booklet with your child's name on the Cover and throughout the
        story and an information booklet for you that helps you overcome this

        Plus you'll get a star chart for your child and a star chart system included
        in your child's story booklet.

        To read more and get those "pesky Poos" down the loo every time ... 
click here



  "How To Stop Wasting Litres Of Water, Help the Environment &
         Protect Your Health ... NOW!"


        Discover How Miracle Wash Laundry Balls Are ...

  • Environmentally safe & biodegradable - Free of Phosphates that
    put our waterways at risk of algae contamination.

  • Toxic free - contain no harsh industrial chemicals found in normal
    detergents that affect sensitive skin types.

  • Economical - last up to 8 months and more PLUS it's an inexpensive
    less messy way to wash.

  • Water Friendly - turn off your rinse cycle that's normally needed to
    wash off nasty chemicals in most detergents.

  • Reusable -  simply refill when your toxic free pellets dissolve over
    six months and many loads of washing.

  • Great for cleaning the greasiest, grimiest, dirty clothes - makes
    the water softer and softens fabric for a cleaner washing result without

        If you haven't heard about the revolutionary new Miracle Wash Laundry Balls
        and you want a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way to do your
        washing then you need to have a look at the Miracle Wash Website.... it's
        that important.
        Go have a look for your self and see what you think.

        You can also get $5.00 off your Introductory Kit by clicking on the
        Were You Referred By Someone "REFERRED" button.

        You will then be asked for a Username and a Password.
        The Username is LAUNDRY and the Password is BALL.

        To read about Dana and her Miracle Wash Laundry Balls and start
        washing your clothes the safe environmentally friendly way that saves
        you time, money and water
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 Simple Savings: Saves You $$$$


        I really recommend this site.    I have been a member for a couple of
        years now and didn't know I was paying too much for things, everything
        really until I checked out this site.

        It is full of ideas to save money on your groceries, gifts, cleaning, holidays,
        cars, phones, children's clothes. bank fees, school items, nappies ... ... ...
        you name it, they've got it listed.

        Register and you'll get FREE tip sheets, FREE weekly savings tips and their
        FREE Newsletter, "The Secrets To Saving Money In Australia".

        Or you can join straight away.

        You don't want to continue paying more than you should for everything you
         buy join straight away.

To read more click here  or on the banner below to find out how you can start
        saving your money today ... ... ...




   Cash Smart Kids - teaches children how to have their own businesses
        whilst they are still in primary school


       When Jenny Ford taught her three children how to run their own businesses
       and make money when they were still at Primary School, everyone wanted
       to know how she did that.

       Jenny now runs her highly successful website to teach
       you how you too can have your child running their own businesses and
       making money.

       And its not as hard as it may seem.

       Just click here or on the banner below and you'll be taken to her website where
       you can find out all about how for yourself.





   "At Last!  A Collection of Children's Bedtime Stories That Nurture,
        Inspire And Educate Our Young."


       When Brisbane mother of two, Daryl Grant became frustrated with the
       quality of  bedtime stories to read to her children she decided to do
       something about it herself.

       Her book "Inspirational Kids' Stories" includes 32 uplifting tales that will
       delight and entertain your children.  Read these stories at bedtime, and
       your children will be begging you to take them to bed ... every night.

       Titles such as "The Gossip Gremlin", "Pete Cleans Up", "Magic Mom",
       "It Isn't Easy Being Marcus" and "Beautiful Diana" will enlighten your
       children so they "get" the messages hidden in these stories by themselves.

       With our hectic lifestyles, its essential that we can spend some quality
       time with our kids.  And what better way to do it than by sharing the gift of
       these inspiring stories?

       Not only are they getting quality, one-on-one time with you, they're also
       learning values that will shape their character and build self-esteem for the
       rest of their lives!

       To read more about Daryl and her book  click here  or click on the image of
       her book below ...





      (For marketing purposes Daryl uses American $.  Please note, US$19.00 converts to
       approximately AUS$23.00 and her book is instantly down-loaded to your computer. 
       Which means you do not have to pay for any postage and handling.)



   Want To Know How I've Created Success On The Internet?      


       I'm a member of Wonderful Web Women and they really have helped me to
       become such a successful business.

       I'd love you to join me there.  Even better membership is free.

       Just click here or on the banner below and find out for yourself ...



   Did You Know There Is A Science To Having Everything You Want
        In Life?

 Well there is and it's all explained in an amazing little book
      from 1910 that you can get FREE at this cool website:

      Just click onto the picture or onto the book and you will be
      taken to the Science of Getting Rich Website.

               Download The Science of Getting Rich FREE  

     Why pay for it when you can get it for FREE?



   Think And Live Slim:

Want to be able to think your way to being slim?


      If you have been trying to loose weight or just want to loose those few extra
      pounds and you have found that diet and exercise are just not enough it really
      isn't your fault.

      Research has found that "thinking slim" helps with permanent weight loss.

      Let Dr Broad help you, sign up today or register to receive your FREE
      report "The Seven Secret keys To Permanent Weight Loss" today.

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   How To Get Organised Quickly:

Want to be more organised and have all your papers and ideas in one  
   place?  Click here or on the banner below.





     Would You Like To Advertise Here?

 If you have a suitable business and you would like to advertise here
           please email
with your business details and a sample of the advert that you would
           like to appear.

           Introductory offer:  Advertising rates =

           $50 single month:   $125.00 three months:   $250 for six months.

           You would also be mentioned in our bi-monthly newsletters.       


 This page is frequently updated ... ...



With many thanks, and if I can help you in any way
please let me know.

Margaret Saunders ... 

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