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 The Pro's and Con's of Having a Dummy or Pacifier and How to Give Up The Dummy Or Pacifier

  Article brought to you by Baby Sleep Advisory,
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  Pacifiers and dummies are a contentious issue.  We believe that the benefits that pacifiers offer outweigh any possible negatives.  However we also believe that pacifiers and dummies are a personal choice.  I personally never used them, but at the same time there didn't seem to be a need for them with both my girls.

  Pacifiers, however, have been shown to decrease the risk of SIDS, and this is a very important point.

  They have a significant calming effect on most babies.

  The disadvantages are ...

  1.  Hygiene.  (they must be kept clean)

  2.  Young babies who are pacifier dependant can cry or all at night when they lose the dummy/pacifier while sleeping.  They are often unable to find the pacifier or do not have the manual dexterity to put it back into their mouths.

  3.  Tooth development can be affected in older babies.

  So apart from the hygiene issues, there is only one major medical reason to stop using a pacifier and that is Tooth Development.  The direction of growth and position of teeth, affects speech, jaw position, facial appearance, showing effectiveness and amongst other things the future positioning of adult teeth.

  So, the use of a pacifier/dummy is not likely to have too much effect on your baby before teeth appear, but when teeth start coming through, if your baby constantly uses a pacifier, you will begin to notice that your baby's front teeth will move to accommodate the pacifier.  The front teeth will start protruding forwards and their growth may slow so you can see a gap where the pacifier sits when your baby smiles.  this is the time to seriously consider retiring the dummy/pacifier.

  Sometimes easier said than done!  We know!   And some argue that a pacifier can be removed, but if a persistent child then reverts to thumb sucking, it may be a bit more challenging for you as a parent.

  Safe, awful bitter tasting nail biting remedy solves the thumb and finger sucking habit fast.

  OK, so how to do it, how to get rid of the dummy or pacifier?

  1.  Cold turkey.  Just take it away without your baby know and deal with any consequences.

  2.  If you baby is a bit older and you can talk to them meaningfully, set a date and talk to them about saying goodbye to the pacifier on that day.  Explain that they are a big boy/girl now and big kids don't use pacifiers.  Because it has not happened suddenly and they have been able to get used to the idea, this is often a very effective method.  If they are old enough you could even have your child telephone a favourite aunt, uncle or grandparent to tell them that they have said good bye to their pacifier.  Tell this person in advance so that they are ready with the encouraging congratulations and suitable words for your child.

  3.  Cut a small piece off the end of the dummy.  Make sure it is still clean and SAFE, that no pieces can come off and be swallowed.  Some babies will just give it up because it feels different now.  Others may persist.  Keep cutting a small piece off every other day until after about two weeks only a sub is left.  Your problem will be solved.


      With thanks, and if I can help you in any way
    please let me know.


  Margaret Saunders

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