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          Getting organized has never been this easy ...

 "Finally! ... A System That Really
  Works That Gets You Organised
  Easily  And  Quickly AND  Saves
  Your  Sanity   ...   Guaranteed!!"

     Forget about having your papers and vital documents scattered all around your home or office and never knowing where anything is ... just when you need something in a hurry. 

     Introducing ...
The Get Organised System

"A comprehensive guide to getting your life under control.  The ultimate organizer, including personal, family, work, health and a lot more.  A must!"


Michael Gross, Parenting Expert, Parenting Ideas.

From Margaret Saunders,
Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Friend,

     If you're worried about where to find those important documents you had last week, your children's papers, their birth certificates and maybe their kindergarten and school reports.  You can't remember where you put that favourite recipe or what you gave your best friend for their birthday last year. 

   Or you've been searching for those insurance papers or your toaster has just broken down and you can't find your warranty that you know has three months left, then this maybe the most important letter you'll read all year.

Here's why ...

     Here is the "Organise Your Life!" get organized, organizer and its chock full of fantastic sections and headings that will make your disorganized life a breeze.  Brimming with 96 individual headings sorted under 9 different chapters, makes filing those important papers, records and memories easy and quick and you will never have to ask yourself where did I put ???????? ever again.

     Like you I used to spend a lot of my time searching for the broken toaster guarantee, my daughter's school report from two years ago, the vaccination report that told me that I should have taken her to the doctor three months ago.  The favourite recipe for the dinner I promised to cook my mother-in-law seemed to disappear into space.   When my best friend asked me for the phone number of my new chiropractor my mind went blank and I spent half an hour looking for her name and number when I could have been sitting chatting. 

   And when my accountant wanted all my records to do my tax and I spent two days getting everything together and my office looked like a bomb had hit it I knew I needed help or I would be spending unnecessary time searching my home and office for things that should be right there at my finger tips.

   I was getting frustrated and annoyed with myself at my own inability to get organized and when I put the breakfast cereal into the empty flower vase instead of the breakfast bowl,  due to total upheaval in the kitchen and I didn't get to the phone quick enough to capture a business deal, I knew it was time for something to change.

   But as luck would have it, fate stepped in and saved the day!

   The Organise Your Life! Organizer changed everything.

   This amazing folder had sections and headings and chapters on everything to organize my family, my home, my personal life, my health, my business, my financials and even general topics such as what videos I want to watch next  and what jokes I want to remember.  This incredibly simple looking folder includes everything to make organizing easy and quick.  It even has a comprehensive shopping list so that all I have to do is tick whatever I need to buy when I do my weekly supermarket shopping.

   It is too good to be true!!!

          My children's school reports are now in the section Family & Children!
Mother-in-law's favourite recipe is in the section Favourite Meals!
The birthday present I gave to my best friend is listed in Presents Given/Received!
The vaccination records for us all are in the section Immunization Records!
My new chiropractor is now listed under Alternative Therapies!
All my business accounts are listed under Home Office Administration!

   I could go on and on but ...

Here's just a sample of some of the
headings and chapters inside
"Organise Your Life!"

      Chapter #1   Family & Friends ...
Old friends to get in contact with... Birthday Reminders...  Dinner Parties...
             Child Swaps...  Items on loan... Present Ideas... Presents - Given/Received...         
             Christmas Card List... Back up phone numbers... Back up email addresses... 
             Back Up Addresses

       Chapter #2
  Family & Children ...
Packing list for trips...  Holiday destinations...  Family clothing record.
             Special Occasion Outfit Record. .. Quality time family journal... 
             Favourite routines...   Baby  Routines... Children's Behaviour - strategies... 
             School, Kinder and Crèche info...  Children's Activities...  Teacher discussions...
             Funny stories

      Chapter #3   Partner ...
      Date night ...  Disagreements...  Your Partner's good qualities...  Relationship
            success tips... 

       Chapter #4   Personal ...
Short term goals...  Long term goals...  Positive affirmations...  New Years
             resolutions...  Lessons learnt...  Dreams. .. Poems...  Star Sign Traits...
             Things to be grateful for...  Personal development...  Bright Ideas...
             Compliments to remember...  Time savers

       Chapter #5   Home ...
'To do' Lists... Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly... Shopping list...
             House plans...  Garden plans... Event planning...  Garage - what's in all those
             boxes... Car History... Handy household hints...  House history...  Asset
             registry...  Real estate...  House moving jobs...  Dream home...  Council
             dealings...  Computer troubleshooting

       Chapter #6    Health ...
  Health journal...  Health & wellbeing products...  Doctor & dentist visits... 
             Medication taking record...  Relation techniques...  Exercise journal...  Weight
             record...  Alcohol consumption...  Alternative therapies...  Food watch... 
             Mood diary...  Pregnancy tips...  Ovulation chart...  Immunization record... 
             Pet health

       Chapter #7   Work ...
Home Office Administration... Employment History...  Professional development...
             Voluntary work...  Job Application & Interview History...

       Chapter #8   Financial ...
    Budget 1 - weekly... Budget 2 - yearly... Debts - I owe/owes me... 
             Bill Reminders...  Financial background...  Shares Portfolio... Shares tips...
             Children's pocket money... Charity donation record...

       Chapter #9    General Topics ...
        Videos to watch...  DVDs to watch...  Books to read...  Websites to visit... 
             TV/Video/Computer Game journal...  Cosmetic record...  Wine - to get again/
             never again!...  Restaurants...  Jokes to remember...  Yearly events...  Other

       How exciting is all this?  This is only a few of the topics that are in this incredible how to get organized, organizer.  Getting organized has never been this easy.

     All the hard work has been done for you, you only have to fill in the gaps.

    Once you start to use your own how to get organized, Organize Your Life organizer you will have more time and more energy and realise how easy it is.   You will want to declutter and reorganize the rest of your house and office.  Maybe even the dreaded garage!!!  Here are the sort of results you can achieve ...

Before Decluttering


After Decluttering

"Organise Your Life!"
Belongs In Every Home

     As you can see this organizer contains everything to inspire you to become organized and what is exciting is that it doesn't really take that long once you have the organizer in your hands.  All the headings are there, all the hard work has been done for you.  All your paper work, records and more gets to be in the one place...

So forget about hunting around your home or office trying to find all your      missing paper work.

Forget about worrying about not finding what you are looking for.

Forget about what's lost ...

                               "I recommend this to all mums"
"I am a busy Mum of two year old twins and my Organise Your Life! folder sits by my phone, in prime position.  I just love it as I can record all my lists, contacts, numbers, thoughts etc.directly into my files before the kids, and sleep depravation erase them from my memory.  Pre-children I used to be on the computer most days, but this is no longer possible, as the twins want to participate as well.  I find the organiser a real life saver for me as all my scraps of paper and notes are gone, and I know exactly where to find that important piece of information that I need right now!!  The Organizer is a great working tool that I would recommend to all Mums."
D. Ratcliffe, Noosa, Queensland, Australia.

 "I just needed a 'system' to help me, thanks for the motivation."
"...I had been wanting to declutter my house since I had my first child 5 years ago.  All of a sudden I had three children and still hadn't made any progress.  That is until a friend told me about your organiser and how it helped declutter her life.  I got the folder 4 months ago and I am thrilled with the result.  I have decluttered not only all of our paper work, but the rest of the house as well.  I just needed a 'system' to help me, thanks for the motivation."
S, Hardy.  Broome, Western Australia.


                   "My personal growth is now a priority again."
"After taking care of a few home affair type topics such as 'Family Health Journal', 'Immunisation Records', 'Dinner Parties', 'House History' & 'Christmas Card Lists', I found the time to fill in some topics in the Personal chapter.  I particularly loved the 'Compliments to Remember' page and 'Time Saver Tips' which then led to the short term and long term goal pages.  My personal growth is now a priority again.  Thank you for giving me the framework to do this."
A. Jayne, South Melbourne, Victoria.

     Order today and you can get your very own get organized, organizer and start organizing your home and your office and have more time to spend with your family that will last a lifetime.  "I would have paid double or more to get this information, and become this organized years ago!"

     And its so easy.  Click on the link below and you will get taken to our secure ordering page, and within days you can be taking advantage of this inspirational organizer.

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I fully believe you will love this organizer and your family and friends will probably love you for how organized you will become.  In fact, I'm guaranteeing it.






 To Make These Offers Completely Foolproof,
You Get A Satisfaction Guarantee That Says …
If You are not at all satisfied your money
will be refunded no questions asked!!!


  If you are not happy with what you get in The Get Organised System!!! 
   If you   don't think it is one of the best organizers you've seen.    If you're not
fully satisfied  in any way, then you can have your money back.  Just send
me an email within 90 days of purchase and I'll happily refund your money
no questions asked.


 But that's not all ...

As A Part of the Get Organised System
You Also Get This E-Manual

"How You Too Can Have More Time And Have
  A Country Lifestyle No Matter Where You Live."

     This popular E-manual from the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions collection goes hand in hand with the get organized, organizer.  You will love this friendly, warm and generous approach that gives you practical advice and tips and everyday activities designed to help you slow down your life so you can enjoy your family, children and friends even more. 

      Chock full of proven parenting and lifestyle ideas, programs and solutions for your every day activities and events.  You wont want to put it down!  

     This manual will show you step by step ...

     The art of doing only one thing at a time.  (Chapter #10.)

     How to take the stress out of shopping with children.  (Chapter #2.)

     The benefits of proven routines and rituals.  (Chapter # 3.)

     Having a pyjama day ... the ultimate do nothing day.  (Chapter # 5.)

     The fail-proof go to bed and fall asleep fast routine!  (Chapter # 4.)

     Making birthdays simpler and easier ... country style.  (Chapter 6.)

     How to have a country lifestyle no matter where you live.  (Chapter # 11.)

     Having happier and much more contented children.  (Chapter 7.)

     And much, much more, no matter where you live!

     You get this fantastic, popular, parenting solutions E-Manual when you order The Get Organised System.  today.

     Guaranteed to save your sanity!

And there's more

Unlimited Email Advice  

     Usually I charge $75 for an hour of my time when I consult on parenting and organising issues.  But because I realise that just having the organizer and E-Manual may not be enough I am giving you unlimited email advice included in this system when you order today.

     When you get your organizer and e-manual you may well have questions that you want to ask.  Something you need clarified, or more specific instructions just for you and your needs and circumstances.  Well here is your chance.  When you order The Get Organised System you will be sent a Certificate from me telling you how to contact and email me with any questions, anything at all and you will be given an answer in less than 48 hours.

     You will not be left on your own, extra, friendly, quick, personal and professional advice will be available to you . 

     All you have to do is send an email or call me ...

     Take advantage of this package and this offer,

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 "How nice it was when you took the time to write me those first emails."
"I was telling a friend of mine how nice it was that you took the time to sit down and write me those first couple of emails suggesting ways to begin working on some of the difficulties I was having with my daughter.  There are so many people that would not take the time to individually make suggestions and give helpful hints, most would tell you to purchase their material instead, or wait until purchasing to do so.  I cannot wait now to receive your package.  I am very excited.  You are wonderful miss Margaret!!"
Wendy M Heard,  Florida, U.S.A.


                                    "Just what I needed"
"I am a 58 year old semi-retired grandmother of 4 and find your Organizer invaluable.  I have even more 'interests' and things I need to 'keep track of' now that I am older, and was desperately trying to find a way to organise it all when I came across the organiser.  Just what I needed."
M. Dunlop, Canberra, ACT, Australia.


            "Having all the 'ready made lists' makes it so easy"
"I work over 50 hrs a week and sometimes struggle to keep on top of my home affairs.  To have all the 'ready made lists' done for you makes it so easy. Some of my favourite topics are 'Bill reminders' 'Garage boxes?' 'House and Gardens Plans', & 'Holiday Destinations.'  My time management skills are back on track, and I feel more in control of my busy life, which has also flowed onto my efficiency at work.'
K. Miller, Bondi, New South Wales.


         "Inspired ... has saved me hours....and also my sanity"
"What can I say?  Your organizer is absolutely brilliant.  I had always been good at keeping lists and other information, but never in any order, or one place.  So your planner has been a Godsend.  I have 3 young boys and life is hectic enough without trying to track down individual notes  Inspired by you work to declutter the brain... Now every piece of paper that enters our house can have the important details kept in a safe place.  I honestly believe your organizer has saved me hours in not looking for papers, and also my sanity.  Thank you."
F. Basile, Sanctuary Cove. Qld. Australia.

     Just imagine, you can have all this too, the organizer, e-book and email consultations.

     Don't wait too long for this exciting package to be yours...

(All you need is a credit card, no special internet accounts or anything like that.  And it's totally secure, coded and encrypted for your safety through a safe and trusted server.)

                                                Bonus GIFT

And as a special gift for purchasing today I am giving you FREE postage and handling.

Let's look at what you're getting:

Here's what you get...
Separate purchase
The Organise Your Life! organizer
E-Manual:    "Have More Time ... "
Emails:           Unlimited Emails
Postage and Handling
Total value
Your price
Total package savings



     However, this offer and this price is only available for a trial period only.  To get this offer and your free bonus postage  you must order within 14 days.

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To get ALL this, The Organizer, The E-Manual, The Consultations can't afford to wait.  You need to take immediate action by doing one of the following:

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Or, you can fill in and print out the order form and fax to
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We accept orders 24 hours, 7 days every week.

3)  By Phone ...
Alternatively you can ring with your credit card details to our 24 hour order line on (03) 5987 34 38).  If the lines are unattended please leave a message and we will get back to you the same day or you can leave details of the product you want to order, your name, address, credit details, don't forget the expiry date and please speak clearly to avoid any delays.

4)  Snail Mail... The fourth option is to print out the order form and mail it together with your cheque, money order or credit card details to PO Box 2105, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia. 3939.  Your order will be processed the same day we receive it and sent to you immediately. 
Please allow 7 - 10 days for postage within Australia, and 14-21 days for International Orders.  Or 2-48 hours for email delivery.

5)  Pick Up In Person ... You can of course, if you wish, visit my office to collect your order.  We are about 1½ hours out of Melbourne, down the Peninsula and very close to Arthur's Seat.  The view from my office is spectacular.  The address is 20 Atunga Terrace, Dromana, Victoria.
It's normal office hours 9-5 Monday to Friday.  And if you would like a Saturday or Sunday drive or you are in the area, we probably would open especially for you. However, its always a good idea to call first, 03 5987 34 38.


I wish you the best,
Margaret Saunders

P.S.    Don't forget, I am taking all the risk, after trying the Get Organised System!!! and you don't feel you are getting any more organized, I'll refund every penny.  What have you got to lose?  And you can keep the E-manual as a present from me.

P.S.S.  So, do yourself a favour... get organized today!!!  All the hard work has been done for you.  This system has everything you need and probably more ...

P.P.S.S,  Remember to get this special offer and this special deal  before the price goes up you must order within 14 days.

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