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  "How To Renew Yourself, Your Energy
Become Harmonious and Happy
  AND Have Harmony In Your Home
And Family!


FROM: Margaret Saunders
Parenting Expert, Radio Show Host -
Children Are Everything Radio Show,
Author, Speaker and proud Mom of Two
and Harmonising Energy Coach.
Victoria, Australia.

Dear Parent and Friend,

As you know we all have a unique vibration and unique energies and so do our families.
That's what makes us who we are, and what makes every one of us and each family different and unique.

       Have you been noticing that the energy of your family isn't what you'd like it to

       Is your life a bit more negative than you'd like?

       Maybe the behaviour of your children or other family members isn't quite right?

       Or maybe you'd just like to have your energy raised somehow?

       Would you love to find out what you are here to do for the rest of your life?

AND wouldn't you like to become more harmonious, energised, calmer AND have harmony in your home and family?

Well now you can ....

Because, you can now have "Harmonising Energy Sessions " that are guaranteed to make you feel less stressed, more aligned about life and your family and gets rid of the negative energies and gremlins that are getting in the way of your happiness and that of your family.  And helps you overcome those problems that you have either as a parent or in life.

Each consultation and harmonising energy session takes about half
an hour and can be done over the phone or using Skype

These Harmonising Energy Sessions and Consultations can help with among other things ....

     Your energy as a parent, and bring harmony to you and your family.

     Disruptive behaviours

     Unnecessary arguments

     Bedtime battles

     Uncomfortable feelings

     Feeling something isn't quite right 

     Discovering your life's purpose and mission and being coached to have that happen for YOU.

"Instead of letting my negative energy poison my family I can release it"

"Hi Margaret,
I just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU for the session today
I had been having a rather tough day and just before I phoned you I had been cleaning up poo in pants and listening to one of the twins screaming, praying for him to "just go to sleep." as he's been irritable and unable to nap all day.  During our session I sent some of the energy up to my little angel and he went right off to sleep! And after our session I feel so energised and positive about what the rest of the day holds.  I now know I can call on this energy whenever I need it and instead of letting my negative energy poison my family I can release it, thank you!
Thanks again

Christie, N.S.W. Australia , via Email.


                     "I have noticed a definite change in myself"

"Many thanks Margaret for the wonderful Family Energy Sessions which I have enjoyed over the past few weeks.  I found the sessions very calming and relaxing.  I also found the tools you have taught me to use in stressful situations very very useful and have found they really do work.  I have noticed a definitely change in myself with regards to parenting especially in anxious situations which can happen when you have a toddler.

My daughter has been much calmer and responds much better to me in tantrum situations that I think could have the potential to escalate; instead I have managed to calm the situation and work towards a much better and happier outcome whether it be at home, at a restaurant or out shopping.  For me the sessions have been well worth it and I would always consider having more sessions to help deal with other situations in life.

Many thanks Margaret, I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions."

Sarah Simons, Western Australia.


               "I am really feeling so much more energized and positive"

I just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you so much for our session today.  I am really feeling so much more energized and positive about my "product".  The fact that you are willing to share yourself, your advice and assist me at all shows your great strength of character.  There would be a lot of other people who would not want to help or share the way you do.  I am so glad that I hunted around the internet and came up with exposure to you through your websites, radio programmes, interviews and podcasts to listen to as well as the parenting manuals and through that experience with you the further steps onto the energy consultations that have brought me to the place I am today with working toward setting up my own business.

Thank you,
Have a wonderful day,
Cheers Karen."

Karen Green, Australia, via email.

     For a short period of time, I am offering you a 20 minute consultation, so that you can get a feel if this is something that you would like more of, and to find out if it is a good fit for you.

                     "Opportunity To Experience Something New"

"Based on a recommendation to have a 20 minute trial consultation, I took a leap of faith and made the most of the opportunity to experience something new ...  AND I LOVED !!!!!!!! Thank you!!!"

T. Marsh.  New Zealand.

    So if you would like to receive a FREE 20 minute family energy consultation please fill in the form below right now, and I'll contact you and arrange a time that suits as both.


           Don't wait to have a happier, more content YOU, and family,
           as this offer is only for a short period of time.
           So why not harmonise yourself and your family today....  ... ... ...         

          Yes, here are my details ... ... ...   

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   Or, Apply By Phone:

       Inside Australia
     03 5987 34 38

        Outside Australia

 +61 3 5987 34 38

       With warm regards
          Margaret Saunders

          And if I can help you in any way please let me know



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