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          GOOD NEWS for all tired and weary mums and dads
          GOOD NEWS for anyone starting toilet training toddlers          
          In fact good news for ALL PARENTS ... 

 At Last!  Announcing ...
The Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions

Ultimate Parenting Club ...  Join Today
And Receive Your FREE Gifts
Valued At $100.00 plus


"... I love your practical and simple methods"

"Margaret, I love your practical and simple methods to raising children.  I do not have parents of my own to ask for help and advice when it comes to how to discipline and deal with stressful situations.  Being able to contact you through e-mail is like having my own personal Nanny.  Thank you for your solutions that are so loving AND easy to implement."

Jeanne Tunkel, California. U.S.A.


"It's A Brainstorm Of An Idea"

"It's a brain storm of an idea!!!!!!!!!!
Great deals, advice on hand, even money can be made, what more can a mum want!  Great thinking, hope it succeeds........"

Suzie Bocharoska, via email.

From the desk of Margaret Saunders
Parenting and Bedtime and toilet training expert,
Mother of two, Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Parent and Friend,

     As you know being a parent is a fantastic and rewarding experience.  For those of you who already know me, you will know that I love being a mum and mostly live for the time that I spend with my two daughters.

     However, there were times when they were younger that I wished that I had had someone to lean on.  I had a few patches like you when not everything was smooth sailing and I could have used some extra advice and experiences of someone else.

     There were times when my girlfriends didn't have children and my mum lived interstate and I wished that I had a resource at my finger tips and that extra person that I could call on.
    My daughters are a lot older now and over the years these difficult times became less and less and I developed my processes and techniques that became part of the success of Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions.  So lately I have been wondering how I could offer more of these resources, processes and techniques to you and more of myself on a regular basis.

     It takes courage sometimes to be a parent and stand up to issues such as pester power, the pressure from the media to raise our children in certain ways.

     And its also been proven that research has showed that children's achievement levels at school are related with parents with a strong set of parenting skills.

    So, I thought up the idea of a membership club that I could offer to you.

    How would you like to join the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Membership Club and receive? ... ... ...




One Weekly Parenting Email that includes ...

          A Motivational Saying for the week.
        Daily words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration.  One for each day
              of the week.
        One or two family recipes.
        One or two Jokes of the week.     

     Start your day with a few encouraging words that you can use to help you through your day.  Write them out and put them somewhere where you can see them at a glance.

     Try out our recipes or you can even submit some of your own for other members to try out.

     And having a joke or two can't be a bad thing either.      

    To receive a FREE sample of one of our weekly emails click here and then come back to this web page.                       



One Monthly Parenting Article on topics such as          

        Child proofing your home      
         Night Terrors      
         When your Toddler meets your new baby      
         Reading to your Child or toddler.
         Teaching your toddler or child to do chores
         Teaching your child manners
         Travelling with young children and toddlers

     As a parent there is never enough advice.  And its always a good thing to have advice about topics such as these filed away somewhere for future reference as our babies become toddlers become children become teenagers and become the adults that we would like them to become.

     These are just a few topics that we will be covering in our monthly articles.

     To receive a FREE sample of a monthly article click here and please remember to come back to this web page.



Unlimited phone or email access

     Yes that's right.  Whilst you are a member of the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Ultimate Club you will be entitled to phone or email me anytime you like to discuss any problem, issue or just to chat.  Nowadays I can charge up to $75.00 per hour for any consulting I do.  But as a club member you will have access to me and be given priority rating and put at the top of the list to get your emails answered and your phone calls returned.

     Sometimes just a phone call or email with a friendly, professional solution to your problems can make your day easier.  And you don't even have to have a problem or issue to solve.  Just to chat about the weather or some rewarding event is enough to cash in your phone call or email access to me.  Not all of us have mums or best friends we can rely on and some of us could even use a second mum or best friend who knows what they are talking about.

     So here is your chance to access me included into your membership package.


Pre Launch advice on any up and coming and new products and deals.

Be the first to hear of any new products that bedtime and toilet training solutions launches AND you will be given pre-launch member discounts to these new products. 

     Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions is always researching for new products or designing new Packages to help with your bedtime and toilet training solutions.

     And wouldn't it be nice to be one of the first to know about any new products and deals?



20% off all Bedtime and Toilet Training Solutions products and packages.

     We will be offering all Ultimate Club Members 20% off all our current products and packages.  This means that you will save $9.40 on all single packages, $15.00 on all silver packages, $25.50 on our gold packages and $11.40 on our overcoming bedwetting package.

     Anytime you purchase a Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions package or product all you have to do is mention "Ultimate Club" and the saving is yours.  This offer also covers any future Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Packages.

Earn 40% commission if you sign up as an affiliate. 

     Usually the commission given to my affiliates is 30%.  However, as an Ultimate Club Member your affiliate commission will be 40% of all Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions packages.

     This means for every single package you sell you will earn $11.75, for every silver package sold you will earn $18.75 and every gold pack sold you will earn $31.90.

     So say you sold 3 single packages your earnings would be $35.25, 3 silver packages your earnings would be $56.25 and if you sold 3 gold packages you would earn $95.55.  And if you were to sell ten packages, your earnings would look like .. ... ...

10 single packages commission = $117.50
10 silver packages commission =  $187.50
10 gold packages commission =   $319.50

     That can't be that hard to do.  All that is required is that you sign up on our Affiliate Links page, get your affiliate link code and promote bedtime and toilet training solutions.  I'll even help you with your marketing, and all your questions will be answered and you will be given all the support you need along the way.

And For Every Person you sign up to join the Membership Club you will earn $10 per month.

     Tell your friends and promote the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Ultimate Membership club and for every person that joins up through your referral and special link you will earn $10 a month. 

    This means for every 5 referrals who join the club you will earn $50 a month.  This equals $600 a year.  Sign up 10 members and you will earn $100 a month = $1,200 a year.  Sign up 20 ..... you do the sums.

     And these people will get to receive the benefits of being a member of the club, the emails, the articles, the discounts, the special offers and you get to earn the extra money as well.  How nice is that!

Sign up today and you will receive these Bonus Gifts from me, just for joining our Club.

Gift Number 1.

Wee Target

     You will receive a fabulous wee target designed by Aussie Mum, Joana Hanes as shown on The Inventors.  "Keeps The Wee Where It Should Be".  Suitable for both girls and boys. 

Gift Number 2.

Sleeptime CD

     Sleep time Cd's are amazing award winning productions of sound affects and stories that help your child to relax and fall asleep easier and sleep through the night.  You will receive either "How The Leopard Got His Spots" or "Billy The Forgotten Teddy Bear".   The sleep time Cd's have been produced by psychologist Rosemary Santos and have been successful for many years.

     Your child will love to hear their FREE Ultimate Club Member bonus cd, over and over and over again and you will love the quality sleep they will be getting.

Gift Number 3.

Johnny Light

     The Johnny Light attaches to your toilet seat and is battery operated.  As soon as the toilet seat is raised a light shines into your toilet.  The perfect solution to night time visits to the toilet and is a lot of fun.

     The Johnny Light is very popular in the States and has only just been introduced to Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions and the Australian market.

     Everyone in your family will love the Johnny Light, which comes with its own batteries. 

     Be one of the first in Australia to have this light attached to your toilet seat and watch your kids easily going to the toilet at night time.

     Johnny Lights are available to Ultimate Club Members because of a deal made with with us and the supplier in the USA.

Gift Number 4.

Wizz pegs.

     These nifty pegs are designed to hold a pair of sox together.  Clip the sox to a wizz peg and then pop them into your washing machine and then when its time to hang them on the washing line they are still clipped together and you hang them up with the one wizz peg. 

     You can even store them in the draw still clipped together until its time to put them onto your happy little feet.  How useful would this be?

     Included in your bonus gift pack you will receive a set of wizz pegs.  No more looking for lost sox or having sox disappear down the black hole of the washing machine universe or at the back of the drawers or under beds.

I guess by now you would be wondering how much all this is going to cost you?

     The weekly inspirational emails, the monthly useful parenting articles, the unlimited email or phone consultations valued at $75.00 plus, the 20% discount on all Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions packages and being able to earn 40% commission on all sales made with our Affiliate Programme.  And the $10 per month for everyone you refer as a member of the club.  Plus receiving our free bonus gifts...  a wee target, a Sleeptime cd, a Johnny Light and a package of Wizz Pegs just for joining?

     I know some membership clubs are charging $67 a month or more but I thought that was a bit high so I thought $37.00 a month sounded quite reasonable for all this expertise.  So for the time being to become a member of the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Ultimate Club will only be $37.00 a month.  However, this price may well be reviewed in the very near future to match what other people are charging for their membership clubs. 

       And as a reader of the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Newsletter we are offering you membership to our Parenting club for only $27.00 a month.  And this offer is only available for the next couple of weeks or until LIMITED places are filled. 

     So if you would like to become a member at this special price before I review this deal you need to take action and join up today.


             No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee


To Make This Offer Completely Foolproof,
You Get a Satisfaction Guarantee That Says…

Join the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Ultimate Club today and you will be covered by our 30-day trial period and if for any reason you are not completely happy just send me an email and I will refund your money.  You will get to keep the free gifts as my way of saying thank you for giving us a go.

You just can't lose because we take all the risk.

What could be fairer than that ... ... ...

So here's what you will get when you become a member of the Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Ultimate Parenting Club

 Here's what you will get...

Separate purchase per month

 One weekly motivational email 


 One monthly Article


 Unlimited Email/Phone Consultations


 Pre-Launch Product Advice & Deal


 20% discount on all purchases


 40% commission on all Affiliate sales


 $10 per month for every Club Member
 you refer and becomes a Club Member


Total value per month


Yours per month




Total package savings per month


Plus Bonus Gift Pack

Approx $100 +


Once you have joined up you will receive a welcome to our club email from us telling you when to expect your emails, articles and other necessary details.  You will receive your weekly and monthly emails and you will be able to start receiving your 20% product discounts and your 40% affiliate commissions and the $10 per month club referral rate.

Here's Five Easy Ways to Order!

     To become a member today and receive this special monthly price and your bonus gifts valued at $100 you need to take immediate action by doing one of the following ...

     1)  Order On Line ... The fastest way to order is directly online ...

2)  By Fax ...
Or, you can fill in and print out the order form and fax it to
          +61-3-5987 34 88. 
Print order form.)   
         We accept orders 24 hours 7 days, every week.

     3)  By Phone ...
Alternatively you can ring with your credit card details to our 24 hour order line on +61-3-5987 34 38.  If the lines are unattended please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we possibly can.

     4)  Snail Mail... The fourth option is to print out the order form and mail it together with your cheque, money order or credit card details, to Margaret Saunders, C/- Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions, PO Box 2105, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia. 3939.  (Print order form.)   


     I know you will love being a member of  The Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions Ultimate Parenting Club  ... ... ...

     I'm guaranteeing it.

With warm regards,

Margaret Saunders

P.S.      The rewards and gains from being a member of this club and having a more happy and confident child are endless.
P.P.S.    Order now and you will be entitled to all the Free Gifts and our special NewsLetter Offer of only $27.00 per month, which we definitely will be changing and is only available until the LIMITED places are filled.
Don't wait ... and remember,  you are covered by our satisfaction money back guarantee, the risk is all ours.


"Your Suggestion Worked The First Night!"

"Hi Margaret, thank you so much for your words of wisdom.  Your suggestion seems to have worked already the first night.  I sometimes get disillusioned with the internet.  I know it is a wealth of information but sometimes getting a real person to talk to you without having to go through all the palaver seems hard.  Thanks again for renewing my faith !!

Kind regards, Tracy."

Tracy Rowley via email


With many thanks, and if I can help you in any way
please let me know.


Margaret Saunders ... 


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