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 "How To Stop Your Child's Bedwetting Quickly And Easily And Have Dry Nights ... .. Guaranteed"

 "I Did It ... And I’m convinced you can too!
With this easy, quick, natural solution.


"We Are Relaxed At Bedtime Now ... ...
You Reassured Us In A Loving Way."

"I just wanted to say Thank you! We have had 10 dry nights in a row now. I was thinking of buy- ing an expensive bed alarm, but wanted to try this  first. Amazing! My husband wanted to buy an expensive bed wetting alarm (about $300 or more), but I convinced him to give this a go. It only took about 2 weeks of using it every night before it worked and my son Daniel has been dry now for 10 nights. He also started saying in the beginning that 'I need to close the gate and hold on' this is when I knew that it was actually working, so thank you!! I work full-time, so it is such a relief to not have to change sheets and clothing in the middle of the night".

Melissa.  Queensland.  Australia.

"... we have had dry nights."

"Hi Margaret,

I bought the bed-wetting package a couple of weeks ago.

We have been using it for about two weeks, and fantastic news, we have had three dry nights."

Thanks again,


From The Desk Of Margaret Saunders:
Bedtime And Toilet Training Specialist,
Mother Of Two, Melbourne, Australia.

Dear Parent,

     As a mother of two myself I know how hard it is sometimes.  When you have a child who suffers from bedwetting all you want is for the bedwetting to stop.  Its not easy having to change sheets in the middle of the night.  Not only that bedwetting can be embarrassing and stressful to you and your child.   

     I imagine that bedwetting is a frustrating and painful experience for you too.  Your sleep is interrupted by getting up in the middle of the night.  You're getting tired and cold by having to remake the bed and change pj's once more.  Then after settling your upset child you have to try to fall back to sleep again yourself. 

     Then there's the frustration of having to do so much more washing of all that bedding on top of the day to day washing you already have to do ... the frustration and the pain mounts up with the tiredness that you are already suffering from.

    I'm not even going to mention all the unnecessary money you must be spending on night nappies, pull-ups or expensive under lays for the bed.  I don't need to mention to you all the other things you could be spending that money on....

     And as my children got older we were still having problems.  I tried so many things to overcome and stop the bedwetting.  You know, the alarms, stopping drinks at 4pm, even waking them up in the middle of the night and carrying them half asleep to sit on the toilet.

        Needless to say, like you, I was nearly at my wits end and I thought the bedwetting, the expense and the tiredness would never stop.

     However, until one lucky day when fate stepped in and showed me how to overcome the bedwetting and get dry nights.  And I couldn't believe how easy it was and how quickly we got results.... and I'm convinced you can too.  Here's how ...

     A lot of parents feel that having an easy, and simple
solution to their child's bedwetting problem is the “ultimate” lifesaver in their stressful and very busy family lives.  Maybe it’s because of all these great benefits.

          A Simple method that is quick and easy.
          Extremely High Success Rate.
       Solutions that really work.
       A happy child who thinks he trained himself to stop the bedwetting!
          No more having to get out of your own bed during the night which means
you too will be getting a good nights sleep again.

       Having dry nights, night after night.

     You see, what I am offering you is a
fail-proof, easy and simple method of overcoming and stopping bedwetting.  

     As you know, bedwetting can be embarrassing and stressful and more tiring than missing out on a goodnights sleep, not only for your child but for the whole family.

     So, if you have been wondering how to overcome and stop your child's bedwetting and  enjoy the benefits of having dry nights, easily and quickly, that has worked for many other parents, here’s the solution …

     A bedwetting package and program that includes a one hour telephone or email consultation and advice that helps you to help your child to have dry nights.


 The Ultimate Overcoming Bedwetting Package!

     The Ultimate Overcoming Bedwetting Package includes .....

     This amazing bedtime- audio experience that has your child saying goodbye to bedwetting.

     This CD will show you step by step.


          How to have a dry bed

          How to get your child more relaxed and having better

          How to build more confidence
          Gives your child a better self-image
          And a more positive attitude
  How to have your child's bladder and brain working together.

     Ultimately, how to get your child happier, more confident and having dry nights.  Imagine how much easier and better your life would be if every night bedtime was a happy experience and every morning you heard these words ...

"Mummy, Daddy,  .... My Bed's DRY!!!”

Plus you will also get a fabulous Wee Target

    Attach the wee target to the back of the toilet bowl, for boys, or to the front of the toilet bowl for girls.  When your child wee's on the black spot it changes to a picture which when flushed on returns to the black spot.

    The wee target is a fun toilet training device that will have your child wanting to get out of bed to go to the toilet to "keep the wee, where it should be".


A Certificate for One Hour email Or Telephone One-On-One consultation and advice session.

    Because I know how difficult it is having a child who wets the bed I know how important it is to have someone to talk to.  Just having a CD that your child listens to at bedtime might not be enough.  Well now you will have the opportunity to talk to someone who understands.  Nowadays I usually charge $75.00 an hour for my time as a parenting consultant.  However, you will be getting a Certificate included with your Ultimate Overcoming Bedwetting Package so that you can call or email me anytime, to discuss anything you like about the experiences you are having with your child.

   Some parents think that their package is worth it just for the consultation and advice that they are given when they call or email me.


A Certificate Of Achievement For Having Dry Nights that you can give to
 your child FREE

     Your child is going to feel happier and more confident and proud of when he or she easily has dry nights.  This Certificate can be displayed any where in your home,
certifying that your child has overcome their bedwetting, simply and easily,
included in the Ultimate Overcoming Bedwetting Package FREE.

     ... ... But don't just take my word for it, here's what just a few other  happy parents 
     have said ... ...

            "I don't wet the bed any more, mum."

"Just to let you know your programme works very well! We used it for about 2 weeks and have been dry at night now for over a month.  Incredible eh?  Andrew now says 'mum, you know when I was younger and I used to do wees in my jarmies... well now I'm bigger and I don't do it any more'.  So wonderful."

Rosie.  W.A.

         "We now have a consistently 'dry boy'"

"I have been meaning to email you to let you know of our wonderful success from the CD.  My five year old son could not go more than two consecutive nights without wetting, if at all, despite my getting him up once or twice in the night.  A dry night was rare, and I was worn out from wet bedding and midnight showers and had given up trying hoping he would 'grow out of it'. 

That is until I ordered your dry nights pack.  I am ecstatic to say that we now have a consistently 'dry boy' every morning.  He has been dry for two weeks now!!!!  I am sooooo grateful to have my sleep back, and my son's self esteem has risen because he no longer needs nappies.   He is so proud of himself as we are!

His brother also loves listening to the cd because it relaxes him and helps him fall asleep (he always had trouble falling asleep).

So many thanks Margaret!  We are a truly grateful family and cannot believe we have achieved these results so easily after trying everything else in the book."

Sharyn Greenaway, North Qld.

      "It Really Worked!  We now have dry nights."

"The first thing I need to let you know is that the honey drink that you suggested in my phone consultation and the night time bedwetting CD are working wonders. I gave Alex the drink before she went to bed and played the CD to her.   I now have only had one wet night since.

Eleanour Frost.    Vic.

     I suppose you are now wondering what sort of fortune this fail-proof  bedwetting audio CD, wee target and telephone or email consultation that promises all this would cost you?  One hundred, two hundred dollars? 

     Having a happier and more confident child who no longer wets the bed is invaluable to you and your family.  It is probably priceless to have your child happily having dry nights ...  however,

Order Within The Next 14 Days And YOU will Get
Telephone Consultations,

     Yes, that's right!  UNLIMITED email or telephone consultations and advice sessions FREE.  You can talk to me about the issues relating to bedtime, bedwetting, your child, your family, or any other parenting issue you would like to discuss.  You may have questions to ask ...  something you want further clarification about.  Something specifically relating to you or your child or just to have support for you as a parent.

     Well here is your opportunity,  by ordering now you will receive a certificate entitling you to unlimited email or phone consultations.  But you must place your order within 14 days of reading this letter to receive your upgrade to UNLIMITED email or phone consultations.

     PLUS I'll also give you a FREE Dry Nights Reward Chart for your Child just for ordering this Ultimate Overcoming Bedwetting Package as a gift from me.


             No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee


To Make This Offer Completely Foolproof,
You Get a Satisfaction Guarantee That Says…

If you are not at all satisfied and you have genuinely tried your CD for 6 weeks, and have taken advantage your phone or email consultations and you have had absolutely no improvement whatsoever your money
will be refunded no questions asked.

All you have to do is return the CD in the condition you received it.  No questions will be asked and your money will be instantly returned to you.

     You must be satisfied, or you will get your money back.

     This is what I am offering you ...

Here's what you will get ...

The Ultimate Overcome Bedwetting Package

  Value Yours For
Dry Nights CD.
How to say goodbye to bed-wetting.
$24.95 $24.95
Wee Target.
How to keep the wee where it should be
$15.00 $15.00

One half hour telephone or email consultation with Margaret Saunders.

$75.00 $75.00
Certificate Of Accomplish for having Dry Nights
$7.50 FREE
Dry Nights Reward Chart
$7.50 FREE
Total   $129.95 $114.95
Yours for ONLY ...
(You get $72.95 value ... FREE)

     Just think about it.  You too can have your child happily and confidently having dry nights, quickly and easily.  No more embarrassment, no more wet bedding, no more tears, no more lack of sleep.

     So, right now, whilst its fresh on your mind, order now by doing one of the following and you too can have your child experiencing dry nights ...


Here's Five Easy Ways to Order

     To get these packages and these deals and these prices you need to take immediate action by doing one of the following ...

     1)  Order On Line ... The fastest way to order is directly online ...
                         ORDER ONLINE WITH OUR SECURE SERVER

     2)  By Fax ...
Or, you can fill in and print out the order form and fax it to
          +61-3-5987 34 88. 
Print order form.)

     We accept orders 24 hours 7 days, every week.

     3)  By Phone ...
Alternatively you can ring with your credit card details to our 24 hour order line on +61-3-5987 34 38.  If the lines are unattended please leave a message and we will get back to you the same day or you can leave details of the product you want to order, your name, address, credit details, don't forget the expiry date and please speak clearly to avoid any delays.

     4)  Snail Mail... The fourth option is to print out the order form and mail it together with your cheque, money order or credit card details, to PO Box 2105, Rosebud, Victoria, Australia. 3939.  (Print order form.)

     Your order will be processed the same day we receive it and sent to you immediately.  Please allow 7 - 10 days for postage within Australia, and 14-21 days for International Orders.  Or 2-48 hours for email delivery.

     5)  Pick Up In Person ... You can of course, if you wish, visit my office to collect your order. We are about 1 hours out of Melbourne, down the Peninsula and very close to Arthur's Seat.  The view from my office is spectacular.  The address is 20 Atunga Terrace, Dromana, Victoria.

     It's normal office hours 9-5 Monday to Friday.  And if you would like a Saturday or Sunday drive or you are in the area, we probably would open especially for you. However, its always a good idea to call first, 03 5987 34 38.

This information belongs in every home.  I know you will love this overcoming bedtime bedwetting routine and process ... ... ...
I'm guaranteeing it.

With warm regards,

Margaret Saunders

P.S.      The rewards and gains from owning this package and having a more happy and confident child are endless.
P.P.S.      Order now and you will be entitled to UNLIMITED email or telephone consultations, and your FREE Dry Nites Reward Chart.    A total value of $125+ FREE included in your purchase of "The Ultimate Overcoming Bedwetting Package".
Don't wait ... and remember,  you are covered by our satisfaction money back guarantee.

If you would like to have your child having dry nights click here now



With many thanks, and if I can help you in any way
please let me know.

Margaret Saunders ... 

            Stop bedwetting solutions delivers Australia wide - Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales,
                Northern Territory, ACT, Western Australia and South Australia. 
                Stop bedwetting solutions delivers to Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Canberra, Darwin, Brisbane
                and all country regions.
                Stop bedwetting solutions delivers internationally to America, Canada, Japan, Asia, United Kingdom,
                and world wide.           

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