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 Bonding With Your Baby!

  Article brought to you by Margaret Saunders,
  Baby Sleep Advisory and Bedtime And Toilet Training Solutions.

    Not all parents bond instantly with their babies.  That feeling that you want to hold and love and protect your bay is instinctive.  But bonding is a little more than that.  Bonding is about developing a bond between a baby and their primary carers.  Both Mum and Dad will likely develop this special bond.

     Babies who develop strong relationships with their parents are much more likely to perform better at school, grow into secure well-adjusted adults and have much higher self esteem and confidence levels.

     Bonding is a natural process but there are some ways you can help out.

A baby's first communication is via touch, so hold your baby close, allow them to lay on your tummy as you lie on your bed or a comfy sofa.  Or you could carry your baby in a sling and get on with your work and day.

     Eye Contact
 Always look at your baby's face and eyes as you talk to them.  This shows them that you are completely focussed on them as you are talking.  Use vivid facial expressions.  Your baby will then learn the subtle facial expressions that make up 80% of our communication.

Massage is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable ways of touching your baby and a way of promoting physical and mental growth as well as a strong parent-baby bond.  Studies have shown that Baby Massage helps circulation and can help your baby's intellectual development as well.

     Some very young babies shy away from excessive contact.  Just do what you can and if they protest try again another day.

No matter if you can sing or not, your baby will not judge you.  They just love the sound of your calm serenading voice.  Popular nursery rhymes and children's songs often have a rhythm that is enjoyed by most babies.  By singing and talking to your baby a lot, over time they will naturally learn the language as well.  And this is a great way of soothing your baby and helping them to fall asleep.

Talk, talk, talk!  Just tell your baby about everything you are doing.  Chores may seem a chore for you, but for baby EVERYTHING is new and very exciting.  Although your baby may not understand what you are saying your baby will love to hear you chatting away about what you are doing, whether it is changing her nappy, or whatever.  Baby will gain confidence from the fact that you are always near, even if the household chores need to be done.

     Tell them that you love them many times every day.  Hugs and kisses are also so very popular with older babies.  Just watch those lovely smiles light up their faces when you do this.

     Bath Time
This is a great bonding time for many babies.  Most babies love the feeling of being immersed in lovely warm water and being gently washed all over.  For the more unsettled bathers, you can try calmly singing to them to stay calm.  Bath time relaxation and bonding can also form a great part of your bay sleep routine.

      Slow Down
Life is getting faster and faster, but slow and steady is best for baby.  Stop and spend time with your baby.  Relax and enjoy yourself.  Babies are the most forgiving little beings on earth.  Your baby will love you no matter what.

     Whatever you do, stay relaxed and enjoy the experience  Be assured in the knowledge that you are doing a great job as a parent.

     A wise person once stated:

     "The best you can do, is the best you can do, and that is enough."


      With many thanks, and if I can help you in any way
    please let me know.


  Margaret Saunders

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