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          GOOD NEWS for all tired and weary mums and dads
          GOOD NEWS for anyone starting toilet training toddlers          
          In fact good news for ALL PARENTS ... 

How To Have Your Child Be An Angel ...
All The Time!

     We all have our theories about how our children are delivered to us.  You will certainly have heard about the stork and the cabbage patch, however my favorite theory is that our children are delivered via the Rainbow and are escorted to us by Angels.

     Spiritual midwives will tell you that they see and feel a presence around newborn babies, especially just at birth time.  You too may have felt and witnessed this.  Even before your child was delivered to you via the rainbow you may well have felt its presence around you and you may even have spent many hours talking and singing to your child when it was in your womb.  I experienced talking to both my daughters even before conception.  They were both eager to come into this world and vigorously knocked at my door … I was very, very clucky before I became pregnant with my two Angels.

     Whilst my daughters were babies and toddlers there were many things that I did to enhance them staying the Angel they were when they were first born.  I sang to them and talked to them all the time.  If I was not carrying them in a sling they were always nearby to me.  If ever they were in their pram I covered it with a layer of pink and a layer of purple to create a mauve cocoon to create a peaceful cozy place for them to sleep and for them to remember their Heaven and this new one that they have come into, being with you.

     Just as you know there are fairies at the bottom of our gardens there are also Angels guiding and surrounding your children … this is no secret to most of us.  But we sometimes forget this and in times of stress and difficulties these

     Angels can be very useful, not only for protecting your child but also for protecting you.  To start each day maybe you would like to have a quiet time either just before you get up or just afterwards where you meditate on your own personal Angels and that of your child/children and ask that the day is safe and blessed for both you and your child/children. 

As you know our children don't always stay the Angel we would like them to be, but there are ways to encourage and enhance their Angelhood.  Singing and reading and holding your Angel as much as possible are some ways of doing this.

Other ways are talking softly and quietly, and giving your child time alone and taking into account how your moods can affect your child and how and when you are feeling happy so are your children.

The Ultimate How To Have An Angel Package

The Ultimate How To Have An Angel Package includes ...


"How To Have Your Child Be an Angel All The Time And
How You Too Can Make An Extraordinary Difference"

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So if you would like to have your child be an Angel all the time,
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With many thanks, and if I can help you in any
way, please let me know,

Margaret Saunders ...

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