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          GOOD NEWS for all tired and weary mums and dads
          GOOD NEWS for anyone starting toilet training toddlers       
          In fact good news for ALL PARENTS ...

Bedtime And Toilet Training
Videos For Your Enjoyment

Margaret talks to Chantel Ferguson on C91.3FM
Sydney Radio.


Solving Toddler Sleep Problems


Harmony In The Home


Toilet Training In Just One Day


Watch Margaret talk to you about her four
one minute toddler bedtime tips.

Bedtime at busy times of the year 


Having a Bedtime Song


         Teach Your Child How to Say Goodnight to their body


Having A Calm Bedroom



                  Why Having A Bedtime Routine Helps YOU and YOUR child            


How To Implement A Bedtime Routine


What to Do When Your Child Is In Bed
That Will Help Them Fall Asleep Fast


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