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How To Harmonise Your Energy and
Why You Should Attend The Baby Toddler Show

Learn how to harmonise your energy with Margaret's fabulous energy tools and meditation and feel fabulous in less than 15 minutes. This energy will fill your body and spirit and ripple out to all those around you, your family, your children and your friends.
Also Margaret talks about the Baby And Toddler Show where she will be the Baby Sleep Parenting Expert in the Advice Hub and why you should attend this fabulous Show.

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 How To Renew Yourself, Your Energy & Enjoy A Calmer,
More Harmonious and Happier Family
                 - With Margaret Saunders


Listen to Margaret Saunders, author, radio show host, and international parenting expert as she guides you with her powerful techniques and energy tools.  In this show she will be teaching you how to renew yourself, your energy and how this helps you to enjoy a calmer more harmonious and happier family.
This is a show that you will wont want to miss out on.

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Family Energy Coaching  

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Previous Shows


 How To Teach Your Toddler And Child Manners
                 - With Melissa Groom


Melissa Groom, fortunate mother of three beautiful children with special needs, runs her business that coincides with her passion (her three children) and their needs.  She is a Certified Children's Etiquette and Manners Consultant, and her business is Groom 2 Success.  She teaches children and teenagers her innovative program Mind Your Manners.
We chatted in this show about how to teach children, respect, integrity, and consideration for others, as well as specific manners and etiquette and why these skills are useful and necessary in today's world.
Which will lead to your child having the confidence needed to behave in any social situation.  And why it is important for your child to want to be well mannered not because someone says they have to.
This is a show that you will want to listen to.




To find out more about Melissa and her fabulous resources -  go here
To get  "10 Tips On How To Get Your Child To Behave" - go here


      How To Create A Storybook For Your Child - With Nina Aksell                   

"There are few greater joys than having a child you love sit on your knee enthralled, while you read a storybook you have written and illustrated just for them.
Would you like to find a fun, lasting way to communicate with your child how much you love them and value their uniqueness?
Have you thought about creating a storybook for your little one but didn't know where to start?
Creating a personal storybook for your child is an amazing way of expressing clearly to them how much you love them and the good news is it is very simple and its fun for anyone to do!
Find out how when I chat to Nina Aksell, proud creator of the very successful "Create A Book For Your Child" program.


Create A Book For A Child Course - Courses now available

To find out more about Nina and her fabulous courses -  go here
To enroll for a Create A Book for A Child Course - go here


How To Successfully Implement The Parenting With Guardian Angels Package That Teaches Your Child That A Guardian Angels Watches Over Them and Can Help Them Sleep All Night - with Margit Robson  .. includes 3 expert tips.                       

Once again I chatted with the insightful and delightful Margit Robson who will be helping you to implement the techniques involved in teaching your child that a Guardian Angel watches over them and can help them sleep all night long.
Margit gave us 3 expert tips that will make bedtime and sleep time a dream come true for you and your babies and toddlers.


Parenting With Guardian Angels Package                                  


How To Teach Your Child that a Guardian Angel watches over them
and can help them sleep all night ... amongst other things ...

Please check it out now ...


           Parenting A Sensitive Child, Part 1, with Margit Robson
                                 Sensitive To Confident Child

Margit Robson - gifted clairvoyant, teacher, psychic, healer and proud mama of 2 wonderful teens, was my  guest. We chatted about

** What is a sensitive child? 
** What traits does a sensitive child have?
** What are the problems of a sensitive child and their parents?
** How can we help a sensitive child, and
** How a Guardian Angel watches over a sensitive child and can help them become more confident confident.


Parenting With Guardian Angels Package with Margit Robson.. Now available.                                              


How To Teach Your Child that a Guardian Angel watches over them
and can help them sleep all night ... amongst other things ...

Please check it out now ...


 Parenting Little Minds With Kirsten Nelson -
"Are You Showing Your Child Love With Your Watch Or Your Wallet?"

Kirsten Nelson, Professional Mother, author and founder of Magnifying Little Minds, a company passionate about showing parents the amazing treasures that are our children and providing powerful resources to learn about ourselves, our children and how to create a nurturing environment for raising amazing children was the guest on this show.

We will be talked about her journey and her books "Raising Remarkable Children, Essential Skills Your Child Will Never Learn in School" which is being published in the next month or so.    And her book "How 8 People went from Ordinary to Extraordinary in 30 days and You can too!" which is available now.

Kirsten will also be talking about what it means to show your child love with your watch instead of your wallet.... using her 60 Second Parenting techniques.  This was an amazing informative show and Kirsten talked about how easy it is to use T.I.M.E. with our children.  And how easy and important it is to be with our children for just 60 seconds a day, or more in our busy busy lives.

Kirsten's book , "How 8 People Went From Ordinary To Extraordinary in 30 days and You Can Too!"

To purchase Kirsten's fabulous book Click Here
To contact Kirsten ..


 Parenting With Affirmations with Charlene Nelson

Charlene Nelson, our guest is a proud mother of 5 children and grandmother of 5 perfect grandchildren.  Charlene and her daughter published a children's book of positive affirmations titled "I am So I Can" which teaches children that their thoughts and words create their reality, and that they already are that which they seek. 

Using positive affirmations and beautiful photographs of children, this beautiful book encourages children to start thinking and speaking in positive self-talk. 

In this show we talked about Charlene and her book and about affirmations and how affirmations can help our children and our parenting.

Please join us and find out more about Charlene and her book and the positive affects of affirmations and more.


Charlene's Book, "I Am So I Can" -        

To purchase Charlene's fabulous book "I Am So I Can" go to and click on "Children's Books" and then click on "Other Children's Books".   
To purchase "I Am So I Can" in audio and/or video format email Charlene at
To view pages of "I Am So I Can" click here


 Parenting Whilst running a home biz with your toddlers around you.

Guest Speaker Amanda Robins inspired us about how easy it is to have a home business and have your toddlers around you.

Learn how after ten years of trial and error Amanda discovered the secrets to starting a home based business around her family commitments.

We discussed some of the problems mums face when running a home business and taming their toddlers.  And we will be talking about how to overcome these problems and make your home life and business life a success.  And tame your toddlers at the same time.

Amanda runs an online community of stay at home parents working together to teach, inspire and motivate each other.


Amanda's Special Offer -

Are you looking for a way to start a home based business
and have your toddlers around you but you just don't  know where to begin?  Or you have a home based business and would love more advice, information and mentoring?
If the answer is yes, then the answer is here ...
Amanda is giving you the answer to this problem plus $5,900 worth of products for only $87.00. 
This generous offer is a no brainer ... check it out here now


              Parenting With Guardian Angels with Margit Robson

Margit Robson - gifted clairvoyant and teacher and proud mama of 2 wonderful teens, will be our guest. We chatted about ...

How to teach your toddler that a guardian angel watches over them, so they sleep all night long, amongst other things.

** How learning about a Guardian Angel's presence can soothe a toddler's fear of the dark.

** How Guardian Angels look after a toddler's sensitivities, ie fear of abandonment etc.
** How when your toddler knows they are not alone, they will sleep more peacefully.
** Why children become disturbed when they wake and can't settle themselves.

** What questions to ask your toddler to know if they are sensing energy in their room.

** How parents can 'feel' Guardian Angel energy which is light and lovely, and

** How to be a good listener to your Toddler and children and read between the lines to really understand.


Parenting With Guardian Angels Package with Margit Robson.. Now available.                                              


How To Teach Your Child that a Guardian Angel watches over them
and can help them sleep all night amongst other things and more ...  (Package includes booklets and audio)

Please check it out now ...


Parenting With Meditation    

In this show we talked about how Meditation can help you as a parent AND how that revurberates into your children.
How teaching your children to meditate will help them on all levels, mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.
Different methods of meditation plus a live meditation "Drinking In Love".


Parenting With Gratitude

What is gratitude, and How gratitude can help and enhance our relationships with our children and our family and our parenting.  



Parenting With Energy With Kristin Morelli

Kristin began her twenties selling baby wipes from the back of a green van. By using the unbounded power of her intuition after making her fortune negotating
deals in excess of $100,000 for the telecom industry.  Kristin  now is the co-host the extremely popular Energy Is Everything Radio show. She is a proud mama and talked about
 *** the most important things we can do as parents for our children, and
 *** how to use our energy to gain maximum impact with our children and
This has been the way most popular show to date.



How to work at home with your family around you with
Charly Leetham.

Our guest on this show was Charly Leetham who who talked about how to work at home with your family around you. Charly is a busy internet business mom with two children, a hubby with his own business who all live in the same house as her parents. Charly is a internet marketing whiz and a fantastic computer expert. We talked about how to balance your day working from home whilst having your kids around you. 



Potty / Toilet Training - Part 3.

Continuing with the one day potty training method, you will learn in this episode the importance of your child relaxing, why enthusiasm and you being positive really helps this process, how to use People Who Care and how to talk to your child and what questions to ask and why you are asking them to make this potty training method happen quicker... and more exciting tips. How to enjoy your potty and toilet training experience by using this fun, easy method that comes from the heart.



Toddler Potty/ Toilet Training Solutions - Part 2

Continuing in this potty training series you will learn
** How to get your toddler to teach a favourite toy/doll/teddy to go to the toilet and why this helps with the potty training process.
*** How to then have your child use the potty training steps he/she has taught his favourite toy/doll/teddy to teach himself/herself to be potty trained in just one day.
This is a fun, gentle and loving potty/toilet training process that both you and your child will love. How to get your child potty trained in just one day.



How To Potty/Toilet Train In Just One Day


How to potty train/toilet train your toddler in just one day. In this show you will learn
** How to know if your toddler is ready to be potty/toilet trained using this
** How to teach your toddler to be the teacher and teach a favourite doll or
    favourite teddy this potty training system.
** Why having your toddler be The Teacher helps them learn way quicker.
This is a really fun and easy potty toilet training system that can be done in just one day that will enhance the bond you have with your child in a warm, fun and loving way.



Toddler Bedtime

How to get your toddler happily in bed, falling sleep fast and what to do with night wakings. In this show I reviewed our past 3 shows and put the pieces of the puzzle altogether. Everything will come together in a fabulous sequence. You will learn how this loving and gentle process works best and how to adapt it to you and your family. This show is all about bedtime coming from the heart.



Toddler Bedtime - Bedtime Battles

How to overcome toddler bedtime battles, - what to do when your toddler wakes up in the middle of the night.  3 fabulous suggestions to help your child fall asleep once they have woken up during the night. And about how your energy and thoughts will help them fall asleep quickly.



Toddler Bedtime - In Bed & Falling Asleep Fast

Continuing on from last week's show Margaret talked about how to get your toddler to sleep gently, lovingly and easily once they are in bed and why she thinks its important to stay with your child until they fall asleep.



Toddler Bedtime

How to get your toddler to go to bed and fall asleep fast.  Margaret talked about parenting from the heart and in particular about bedtime the gentle and effective way for you and your toddler. We covered     
 ** Bedtime routines and their importance
** Subliminal Actions
** What to do once your toddler is in bed that helps them fall asleep faster than you ever thought possible



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