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"How to teach your toddler and child that a
Guardian Angel watches over them and
can help them sleep all night long,
... ... ... amongst other things"



"The Ultimate Parenting With
Guardian Angels Package

"Bedtime has become heavenly using your Guardian
 Angel Techniques"


"Since we've started using your fabulous package our lives have turned around.  Marcus and Isabella are so much more happier,
confidence and relaxed.  And they are sleeping all night now.

I am so much happier now.  Our family is so much more settled.  We love the concepts and use them everything day.  Not only for bedtime ... but just about everything."
Noelene Jensen,  Australia.


             "It has been great to iron out the wrinkles."

"I just thought I would write a quick note to say that it has been great to be able to smooth out some of the "wrinkles" from our current daily chaos  (I mean routines).  The peaceful and relaxed bedtime regime is bliss for two weary parents!

We all make our plans, have our dreams, but sometimes life just seems to get in the way, complicate things.  You helped me to find the roses and angels that I knew were there, I just needed to get through the weeds..!  Thanks,"

Kate P. Australia.


FROM:  Margaret Saunders,
Parenting Expert and Radio Host,
Children Are Everything,  and proud Aussie
Mother of two,  Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Dear Parent and Friend,

    Are you frustrated, tired and weary from lack of sleep and not sure how to overcome some of the behaviours of your little ones?

   Have you been thinking, how nice it would be to have a fabulous angel or two on your side?    You may even have been thinking, "What is a Guardian Angel
and how can one help my child?"

Well now you can find out the answers to these questions and
how they can benefit you.

Thanks to Margit Robson, and her parenting with Guardian Angel techniques.

Margit is a proud mom of two and has been a gifted professional clairvoyant and teacher for over 17 years. 

     When her two children were little she successfully used the information and techniques that she is sharing with you today, so you can use them too.  And her children were colicky babies.

     She's also a published author, an inspirational speaker and writes a fortnightly newspaper column.  Margit specialises in parenting issues and "feels and sees" Angel energies... ... ... And now she has prepared a special audio and book, just for you. 

Introducing ....

The Parenting With Guardian Angels Introductory Offer ....    

    One half hour plus audio where Margit talks to
           you about ... ...

                 Why teaching your child  that a Guardian Angel
                     watches over them is important,  plus

                 Step by Step instructions on how to teach your
                     toddler that their Guardian Angel helps them sleep through
                     the night.        

   Booklet written to you by Margit which will teach you ... ... ...

                 How to teach your child that a Guardian Angel watches over

 How a Guardian Angel can help a toddler and child to sleep
                     all night long.

                 Learn how the presence of Guardian Angel can soothe a
and child's fear of the dark.

                 How Guardian Angels look after your toddler or child's
                     sensitivities such as fear of abandonment, first day at pre-
                     school, day-car and sleepovers.            

                 How when your toddler and child knows they are not alone,
                     they will sleep peacefully.

                 Why children become disturbed they wake and can't settle
                     themselves and how to overcome this.

   Certificate of Consultation, giving you access to talk or email,  in
          more detail and specifically about your personal situation and

   A Certificate for your Child or toddler which lets him
"A Guardian Angel Watches Over Me".

     Just think how wonderful it would be to have all this, for you and your toddler and child and family?  Peaceful sleep and more, knowing that they are not alone.

      You will not be left on your own.  When you get this offer  you will be given a certificate telling you how to contact me either by phone or email.  I usually charge over $120.00 an hour for my parenting consulting time.  You'll get this included in the Ultimate Parenting With Guardian Angels package.   All you have to do is send me an email.  Because I know, that sometimes just having a book and an audio is not enough.  You may have individual specific needs relating to you and your family that you'd like to talk to someone about.  Well now you can.

     I guess by now, you must be asking yourself how much would the Ultimate Parenting With Angels package which includes, the Audio,  the Book, the Consultation Certificate and Certificate for your child plus UNLIMITED email advice cost you? 

     I thought hard about what would be a reasonable price to offer you. To have your toddler taught how a Guardian Angel watches over him, plus having him sleep peacefully through the night, amongst other things would be worth to weary and exhausted mums. 

     Then I worked out the value of everything you are getting is $235.00.  I thought about asking $127.00 and then I realised this is supposed to be an introductory offer for the Ultimate Parenting With Guardian Angels Package, and so I thought for a limited time I would charge $47.00.  You will save $188.00.  How reasonable is that?

     PLUS you will also receive this fabulous BONUS gift, valued at $37.00.                                                                               

             "How To Have Your Child              
Be an Angel All The Time
How You Too Can Make
     An Extraordinary Difference"


          Ultimately, how to get your child to be an Angel and  how your toddler can be an Angel, all the time ... ... ... well at least for most of the time.

          How often have you said to yourself,  "If only she would be an angel, all the time?"  And thought, "Well, most of the time would be good enough?"

         Imagine how much easier your life would be if your child was the Angel he or she was when they were first delivered to you from Heaven?  Well at least, most of the time?    And how you too can make an extraordinary difference to their lives?

"I found what you said very satisfying."

"Dear Margaret,

I am just about to have Angel number 2 and was browsing the net for ideas when I stumbled on your article.  I naturally did as you have said to do and found it very satisfying.  People make comments to me about how nice a little person Angel number 1 is and what a wonderful personality she has.  I am pleased to say that it looks as though she will remain that same little person, and I am going to do the same with number 2."

Tris Carson, via email. Canada.


"... I love your practical and simple methods"

"Margaret, I love your practical and simple methods to raising children.  I do not have parents of my own to ask for help and advice when it comes to how to discipline and deal with stressful situations.  Being able to contact you through e-mail is like having my own personal Nanny.  Thank you for your solutions that are so loving AND easy to implement.  I just loved reading the Angel Manual yesterday - reminding us to treat them like the angels they are!!"

Jeanne Tunkel, California. U.S.A.

      The information you will receive in this manual is invaluable to you and your children and family.  It probably is priceless to know how to have your child stay the Angel they were when they were born.  Well, at least for most of the time....

     And to make all my offers completely foolproof I am giving you this guarantee.... 




 To Make These Offers Completely Foolproof,
You Get A Satisfaction Guarantee That Says …
If You are not at all satisfied, and you have genuinely given the advice and information in these packages your best effort and you have contacted me with your consultation certificate
 your money
will be refunded no questions asked!

And you get to keep the Packages
as a gift from me.  How fair is that?

     Let's recap what you will be getting ...  

Purchase Today,
The Ultimate Parenting With Guardian Angels Package

  Here's what you get...

Separate purchase



  Parenting With Guardian Angels e-Book


  Certificate Of Consultations


  Certificate For Your Child


  Have An Angel e-Book


Total value


Yours for


Your Total package savings


     And you won't have to wait forever to get your Guardian Angel information.  The Ultimate Guardian Angel Package has been designed to be sent to your email inbox.  This means you will receive your books, audio and certificates in less than 48 hours.  You could start in just a few days time.  Having a smooth bedtime and night with your toddler's Guardian Angel watching over him.
     And remember, you will not be left on your own.  When you purchase this Offer you will be given a certificate telling you how to contact me either by phone or email.   All you have to do is call or send me an email.
   So don't wait any longer ...   ORDER NOW

Here's Five Easy Ways to Order!

     To get this packages and this deal and this price you need to take immediate action by doing one of the following ...

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     It's normal office hours 9-5 Monday to Friday.  And if you would like a Saturday or Sunday drive or you are in the area, we probably would open especially for you. However, its always a good idea to call first, 03 5987 34 38.

   I wish you the best, with your toddler and child and Guardian Angels,

      Margaret Saunders

Children Are Everything, and
           Bedtime & Toilet Training Solutions

 P.S.      Don't forget I am taking all the risk, after trying these packages and you don't feel like things are any more improved I'll refund every penny.  What have you got to lose?  And  you can keep the manuals as a gift from me.

P.S.S.   Remember, these offers and these prices are only available to you for an introductory  trial period so please order within 14 days before I review this offer.


With many thanks, and if I can help you in any way
please let me know.

Margaret Saunders ... 


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