Jewellery Made By Alicia
    With Love


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Jewellery Made By Alicia With Love   

Hi, I'm Alicia,

If you've seen my Mum's website you have already met me.

I'm the little munchkin on the toilet being toilet trained.  I am now 15 and deny that its me... Its really my sister ... she's cute isn't she?  (If you'd like to check me out click here.

Anyway, I am now making jewellery, made to measure, made with love.  At the moment I am specialising in earrings.

Here are just a few examples.



Nice, aren't they?

Please keep coming back to this page won't you as we will be adding more and more examples for you to choose from.

I keep telling my mum (its her website, you know) that mum's who have happily toilet trained toddlers and children who are begging to go to bed, who are angels all the time must have more time to smell the roses and ..... try on my earrings!!!

You really do deserve a pair or more of these really nice earrings.  I was thinking of pricing them at $10.00 a pair but mum said to offer you $8.50 and what you save you can put towards her packages!!!

So that's the deal (for the moment until we change our minds).  $8.50 a pair plus a little extra for postage and handling.

Here is my special on-line order form but you can also call 03 5987 34 38 to order a pair or post a copy of the order form to P O Box 2105, Rosebud, Victoria, 3939.  Our fax number is 03 5987 34 88 and if you would like a drive and check out our spectacular view our office is at 20 Atunga Terrace, Dromana, Victoria, 3939.

To Order Alicia's Jewellery Hand Made With Love Please Click Here


Just thought I would mention, if you are not satisfied with the earrings I'll give you your money back.

Oh and my mum, her hairdresser, her chiropractor's receptionist and her best friend are all  wearing a pair of these earrings.  They look even better on than in the pictures.

And if you have a few minutes after you have placed your order why not read her articles ... just click here.

And as my mum says,

With many thanks, and if I can help you in any
way, please let me know.

Alicia Ware ...


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